Step by Step for Beginners

Welcome and Congratulation for joining the ON-OFF family
Below, is initial & very basic tutorial to start using the ON-OFF Smart Home technology.

1. Install SETUP software:

- Download & Install ON-OFF Setup.
- Run ON-OFF Setup.
- If you have problem running, please install also Microsoft Add-on
- Initial screen:

2. Create a SITE:

Site can be your home, your office or any other installation of ON-OFF system.
- Click 'New Site' button
- Fill in the fields of new site.
- Click 'Check Availability'
- If site name is available, 'Create Site' will become clickable.
- Click 'Create Site'. - A massage of conformation is showed. - Check your email & Activate the site, by clicking the link in your email.

3. Login to your SITE:

- Enter your Site name.
- Enter your Admin password.
- Click 'Login'.
Your Site Data structure will be showd on the left tree.

4. Connect Modules:

- Connect RF-HOME-COORDINATOR to USB Transformer using USB cable.
- Connect RF-AC-DC-4-OUT to USB Transformer using USB cable.
- Connect RF-AC-DC-4-IN or ONOFF-IOT to USB Transformer using USB cable.
- You should get a list of your modules on the left tree.
- If you don't see the list or the list is partial, you can click the 'Scan' button.

5. Toggle Relays in RF-AC-DC-4-OUT:

- Expand the RF-AC-DC-4-OUT module in the tree.
- Select the first device 'DIGI-OUT-00'.
- Device properties, should appear on the properties window.
- Click the 'Toggle' button, to toggle the Relay (Device).
- You should ear a click coming from the Relay on change of status.
- The status of the Relay (Device), is shown is the Status field.
- You can toggle play all 4 Relays (Devices).

6. Add a USER:

Users are the ones that use your system, it can be you & your family members.
Users use PIN number (four digits) to interact with the Site.
You are the Administrator of the Site & you are the only one who setup the Site.
Administrator use 'Password' to login, for setting up the site.
- Right click the USERS on the Site tree.
- Select 'Add User' in the popup menu.
- Expand the USERS, to see your 'new user' device.
- Select the 'new user'.
- The User properties will show up.
- Fill in the User properties.
- Click 'Update' to save your site data & update all modules with changed data.
- From now on do 'Update' each time you want to save changes & update modules.

7. Add a PANEL:

Panels are the interface to your site on Smart phones, Tablets & Web.
Each Panel have two representations: Portrait & Landscape, for rotating views.
- Right click PANELS on the Site tree.
- Select 'Add Panel' in the popup menu.
- Expand the PANELS, to see your 'new panel' device.
- Select the 'new panel'.
- The panel properties & a view of the panel will show up.
- Set your Panel name.

8. Add ICON to a PANEL:

- Right click 'Your Panel' on the Site tree.
- Select 'Add Icon Widget' in the popup menu.
- Expand 'Your Panel', to see your 'Icon' widget.
- Select the 'Icon'.
- The 'Icon' properties will show up.
- Click the 'ON' Icon: button (1).
- Browse & Select the icon for the 'ON' representation.
- Click the 'OFF' Icon: button (2).
- Browse & Select the icon for the 'OFF' representation.
- Clear the text in ON-BGD: (3).
- Clear the text in OFF-BGD: (4).
- Edit the 'Text' that will be shown for the Icon (5).
- Select which Device this Icon will represent, by selecting the Module & Device (6).
- Click 'Toggle' button for choosing the Action when touching the Icon (7).
- 'Update' (8).

9. Install, Run & Show on Smart Phone, iPhone or Android:

- For iPhone/iPad, download APP 'Smart Panel' From App Store.
- For Android, download APK 'Smart Panel'.
- Install App.
- Run App.
- Click on 'Add Panel'.
- Set Site.
- Enter User pin code (not administrator password).
- Login.
- Select your panel from the list.
- Click the icon for toggling the Relay (Device).
- You should ear the Relay clicks.

10. Add a Light ball:

This step involve High Voltages!, a risk of electric shock!.
Please do this stage carefully and do it only if you completely understand what you are doing!
Think twice, use your common sense and general knowledge of electricity.
ON-OFF Smart Home technologies takes no responsibility of any kind.

- Disconnect any involved electricity, from any High voltage source.
- Connect the Hot(+) wire to the marked 'IN' port in the RF-AC-DC-4-OUT module.
- Connect a wire from port marked '1' from the RF-AC-DC-4-OUT module to the lamp.
- Connect the Natural(-) wire to the lamp.
- Make sure all connections are safe, nothing is lose and no exposed wire touches other expose wire.
- Connect the Hot(+) & the Natural(-) wires to the power source.
- You can now 'Toggle' the light ball from the SETUP software or from your Smart Panel.

11. Connect a DRY switch:

Use DRY switch, DRY push buttons or DRY sensors only with ON-OFF IOT module.
DRY, means no electricity DC or AC coming from the switch to the IOT module.
!! Do not push electricity to the ON-OFF IOT module ports, you can damage the module !!.

- Connect wire from GND port to switch.
- Connect wire from port '1' to switch.

12. Connect a switch (with electricity):

Use only RF-AC-DC-4-IN module.
!! DO NOT use Hi voltage 110V/220V AC, use only 5V-32V DC or AC !!.

- Connect wire from port '1' to switch.
- Connect 'CMN' port to the power source (-).
- Connect the power source (+) to the switch.

13. Set the Switch to control the Light:

- On SETUP software, select the the first Device in the Input module.
- Click the 'New' button twice, to add two EVENTS/ACTIONS lines.
- Set the EVENTS - ON & OFF (1).
- Set the Module & Device of the Light ball (2).
- Set the ACTIONS - ON & OFF.
- Click the 'Update' button, for updating the Modules with the new setup (data).

Now, you can control the Light, with the switch & with your mobile device.

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